About Us

The Women’s Legal Centre ACT is a specialist legal service based in Canberra, providing legal and non-legal support to Canberra’s most vulnerable women. We are a feminist, nationally accredited community legal centre, and provide free advice and representation to women on family law, employment and discrimination matters.

We are a member of the Women’s Legal Services Network, and contribute to law reform and policy initiatives.

We also:

  • Refer women to sympathetic lawyers and other support services
  • Run community legal education sessions
  • Produce information for women about their rights, the legal system and the law
  • Do research, law reform and lobbying activities regarding women’s interests

The Centre is a safe contact point for women. You can find more detail on our activities in our Annual Reports.


  • Client focused service.
    We prioritise the most vulnerable women in our community including: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women; women from culturally and linguistically diverse communities; women dealing with family violence; and women with disability.
  • Respect
    We respect each client’s experiences and choices.
  • Responsiveness
    We strive to be responsive and flexible to client needs.
  • Relationships
    We value close working relationships with other legal and non-legal groups.


Women’s Legal Centre (ACT & Region) is accredited by the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLAC).

The Women’s Legal Centre has voluntarily opted to be subject to the obligations of a public authority under Part 5A of the Human Rights Act (ACT).