MEDIA RELEASE: Women’s Legal Centre welcomes ACT Greens’ commitment to tackling violence against women

The Women’s Legal Centre welcomes the ACT Greens’ commitment to provide additional funding to the Centre as part of their approach to tackling violence against women.

The Centre is currently facing a funding crisis as a result of the reduction of Commonwealth support for community legal centres. The ACT Greens have today announced a commitment to meet this gap in the Centre’s funding and ensure vulnerable women in Canberra have access to legal advice and representation.

Specialist legal advice is a crucial part of improving gender equality and addressing violence against women. The ACT Greens have recognised this by including Canberra’s only specialist women’s legal service in their platform on gender equality and violence against women. Specialist legal advice can support women’s workforce participation and economic security as well as protect personal safety and prevent ongoing violence.

The Centre’s Executive Director, Elena Rosenman said, “In the last year, the Women’s Legal Centre has assisted over one thousand women. We helped these women make safe care arrangement for their kids, reach a fair division of their property with their ex-partner, secure compensation after a violent crime or be paid properly and fairly for the work they do.”

“The women who come to us for advice and assistance have no other options.”

Despite this, from 1 July 2017, Commonwealth contribution to community legal centre funding nationally will fall by 30%. This could translate to the loss of a third of the Centre’s core funding and would lead to a reduction in the Centre’s services.

Ms Rosenman continued, “Without decisive action from the incoming ACT Government, next year 300 of the most vulnerable women in Canberra will have to go through legal processes with no legal support at all. This commitment from the ACT Greens is a great step towards ensuring those women have access to legal advice and representation.”

Media contact:
Elena Rosenman, Executive Director, 0408 133 115,