Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour. It is the use of violence or abuse by one person to gain and maintain power over another person with whom they are in a close personal or family relationship.
Women’s Legal Centre offers legal advice relating to domestic and family violence.
There are three main ways that the law can assist women facing domestic violence.
  •  Family Violence Orders (FVOs) can put in place conditions which seek to stop future violence
  •  Criminal charges may be made if there is enough evidence showing past domestic violence.
  •  Divorce, child access arrangements, property and other family law matters may also be important.

Your Court, Your Safety: A guide to getting a Family Violence Order in the ACT explains the process of going to court to apply for a Family Violence Order in the ACT. There are services that can help you through this process and help you and your family deal with the effects of domestic and family violence. These are listed in sections 5 and 6 of this guide.

Domestic Violence Crisis Service:
Canberra Rape Crisis Centre:
First Point: (homelessness assistance) Phone 1800 176 468.